Full-service ultrasound imaging
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15 years of experience

We also perform 3D 4D ultrasounds with our partner


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Imaging and diagnostic

Dr Oswald Ramos

is a foreign medical doctor with and RDMS and BA degree in sonography, it is his ability to not only perform the scans but also understand exactly what the physician is asking that has helped set a new stage for developing DOCTORSULTRASOUND into a more efficient diagnostic ultrasound company.

A Clear Picture of Your Health and Wellness

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At Doctor’s Ultrasound, we believe that an informed patient is a successful patient. Our ultrasound center provides accurate diagnostic screenings that reveal your current health. Mobile services are available.

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Our clinic is trained to address the unique needs of women and mothers of all ages. We are here to supplement your physical examination, or if you would like to monitor the health of your child.

Oh Baby 3D/4D Ultrasound

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